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An unforgettable adventure

Vancouver Island has the highest concentration of mountain lion (cougar) in North America. Yet this elusive and cunning predator is rarely seen in the wild, making cougar hunts an unforgettable adventure and physical accomplishment.

Glen has raised and trained hounds for 30 years and considers this to be the most exciting of all our hunts.

Vancouver Island Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion Hunts

We like to book our cougar hunts in the Winter and Spring. This is the only hunt that we will offer a second animal once the first is harvested.

Our experienced guides and yourself will hunt using a mix of 4×4’s, snowmobiles and our specialized tracked ATV’s to find and hunt these cats. When a large fresh track has been located a pack of hounds will be released to track and tree the cougar.

You should be in good physical condition to participate in this hunt as you can expect to encounter numerous different cougar tracks during your hunt. 

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